Choose your own music

Deciding on which pieces to choose for your ceremony and drinks reception is a supremely personal choice and you will want pieces that have special meaning to your relationship, or carry a message that you wish to deliver to others on your special day. The duration of each piece is not a concern when planning your service. Most quartet pieces are between three and five minutes long and thus fit perfect within each section. Otherwise most classical music contains repeats or recurring phrases which sound excellent if attenuated at a cadence point. For example Pachelbel’s Canon is based on a cyclical baseline which means we can always time the bridal entry to perfection! We take our cues directly or by liaising with the Priest or Celebrant prior to the ceremony, so there is no input needed from you on the day. Catholic ceremonies may differ in the wedding ceremony format as laid out below.

Wedding Day

We can supply you with separate prices for each part of your wedding day. The parts are:

Wedding Ceremony Beautiful background music while your guests are arriving, during your entrance, the signing of the register & exit. We also add a stunning addition to your wedding photos.
Drinks Reception A livelier mix of music to suit the setting as your guests raise their glasses to celebrate the Bride & Groom!
Wedding Breakfast As is fitting for your meal, we perform more relaxed background music to create a special atmosphere.

Wedding Packages

Wedding packages have proven very popular as they reflect excellent value for money. The packages we offer are a combination of the separate parts of your wedding at a reduced price. The packages are:

Bronze Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony & Drinks Reception
Silver Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast
Gold Pre-Ceremony, Ceremony, Drinks Reception & Wedding Breakfast

Wedding Ceremony Format & Music

  • Pre-ceremony music – 20 minutes prior to the ceremony while your guests arrive (5 pieces required)
  • Processional – Bridal entry (1 piece required)
  • Signing of the register – As your photographs are taken (2 pieces required)
  • Recessional – Bride & Groom exit (1 piece required)

We have more recordings and unique arrangements than any other string quartet. Below are a selection of pieces divided into Classical, Bridgerton and Modern from our music repertoire.   Next to each piece there is a link taking you to the video on our YouTube Channel (The String Quartet Channel).

You can select your own music, but to help you, we have created the below playlists on YouTube to give you some ideas.  There is a link at the top of each section to our recommended playlists on YouTube.

Classical Music Playlist (Click Here )
Modern Music Playlist (Click Here )
Bridgerton 1,2&3 Seasons Music Playlist (Click Here )

Indian Weddings

If you would like Bollywood music for your wedding, please click here to be taken to our special Indian weddings page. For more hints and tips, take a look at our FREE Wedding Planner section for help and advice.